Taylormade R9 Supertri

TaylorMade R9 Supertri Drivers: A Review

In 2008 TaylorMade Golf Company introduced R9 series golf drivers to the golf world. These TaylorMade drivers, equipped with Movable Weight Technology (MWT) as well as Flight Control Technology (FCT), allowed the players to change face angle, loft, and lie as per their requirements. This time, TaylorMade Golf has released two new driver models which are expected to make history in the world of golf.

The two newly released golf drivers are namely, TaylorMade R9 SuperTri and R9 SuperTri TP. The main feature of these golf drivers is the combination of three important components. They are; MWT, FCT and a maximum sized 460cc club head.

The R9 SuperTri club head provides better aerodynamics than previous R9 drivers. It has contained a redesigned crown, a deeper face, and center of gravity which is slight more rearward when compared to previous golf drivers of R9 series.

Another notable feature of the R9 SuperTri driver is its Fujikura Motore 60-gram shaft. This shaft is 5 grams lesser in weight than the previous R9 drivers. Hence, it increases swing speed while supporting higher launcher angle and more forgiveness on off-center strikes. The MWT allows the golfer to make side-to-side trajectory changes up to 75 yards. On the other hand, the FCT allows the golfer to alter face angle, loft and lie.

The TaylorMade R9 SuperTri driver is available in lofts of 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 degrees. The R9 SuperTri TP has every feature that a R9 SuperTri driver has. The only difference is the golfer’s choice of 10 premium shafts. R9 SuperTri TP is bit expensive when compared to R9 SuperTri driver.


Here are a couple of videos that we have put together to help with your Taylormade R11 adjustment


R11 Driver 3-D Tuning – Step #1 – Loft (FCT)

R11 Loft adjustment


R11 Driver 3-D Tuning – Step #2 – Face Angle (ASP)

R11 ASP adjustment


R11 Driver 3-D Tuning – Step #3 – Flight Path (MWT)

R11 Flight Path adjustment


Taylor Made Drivers: A Brief Introduction (Part 1)

There is no golf player (professional or amateur) who has not used Taylor Made Drivers once in a while. Taylor Made Drivers are ranked as the top drivers in golf world. They are large, easily forgiving, and most importantly, equipped with innovative technologies. A golf player can choose any of his choices from the different Taylor Made Drivers products.

Now, let us have a look at the specialties of some Taylor Made Drivers given below. We will begin with Taylor Made R9 Driver.

Taylor Made R9 Driver: This driver is equipped with both Flight Control Technology (F.C.T.) and Inverted Cone Technology (I.C.T.). This R9 driver contains a Fujikura Motore 65-gram graphite shaft. This driver increases the ball speed with off-center hits and hence, aids the ball to cover more distance in a game. A player can customize this driver as per requirements.

Taylor Made R9 460 Driver: The specialty of this driver is its characteristics that go well with both low and high handicappers. A player can choose any from the eight customizable settings. A player who has problems with tee will be benefitted from its additional forgiveness. This driver’s clubhead at 460cc is designed in such a way that it will increase the MOI. This Taylor Made R9 460 Driver is economical in price too.

TaylorMade 2009 Burner Driver: This driver is gaining popularity among players, especially the amateurs, for both the forgiveness it offers and the reasonable price. Taylor Made 2009 Burner Driver increases height, distance, and forgiveness. The irons used in this driver have different designs, functions as well as technologies that produce the best performance out of a player. In simple words, the Taylor Made 2009 Burner Driver is the excellent combination of supreme performance, accuracy, and incomparable design.

TaylorMade R9 TP Driver: This driver is equipped with technologies such as Flight Control Technology (FCT), Moveable Weight Technology (MWT), and Ultra-Thin Wall (UTW) technology. This driver has every feature that other R9 series drivers have. A player can change the club’s face angle, loft, and lie with the help of this driver in order to meet his requirements. This driver offers easy launching of ball, higher MOI, lower CG location, and effective trajectory to a player.


Golf Drivers: Tips to Choose the Right One

Golf drivers plays a very important role in either winning or losing a game. A wrong golf driver will definitely destroy every chance of winning a game. When you have the right golf driver, then you will hit the golf ball far and straight off the tee. Hence, your will have more minus score and win the game. In this article, I have tried to provide few useful tips in finding the right golf drivers for you.

You must always remember that finding the right golf driver requires patience, time and experience. Now, let us begin with the first tip.

Tip 1: Choose the golf driver with the larger size clubhead if you are a beginner or an intermediate golf player. This provides you the larger sweet spot which will minimize the number of miss-hits. In addition, the problem in maintaining a consistent swing will be resolved if you have any. The maximum allowable clubhead volume size is 460cc.

You can choose the golf driver with a smaller head of size ranging between 380-410cc, if you are an expert golf player. Here, you will be able to hit the ball almost accurately near the spots in the fairway.

Tip 2: Get the golf driver with internal or external weighting adjustment option. This will aid you in perfecting a slice or hook. You can set a draw or fade by adjusting the weight screws. You can also manage the height of your ball flight with the help of specific head shapes and weighting set-ups.

Tip 3: Choose the driver with a more flexible shaft to maximize the drive distance, if you have slow swing speeds. But if you have fast swing speeds, get a stiff shaft driver so that you can manage accuracy. A flexible shaft adds power to your drivers.

One Plane Golf Swing: Quick Guide

The one plane golf swing is very much suitable for the people who need consistency in their swing. The theory behind one plane golf swing is that the plane of the club swings at 90 degrees to a player’s body both on the way back, and on the way down and through. Now-a-days, this type of swing is becoming popular among the golfers.

I’ll show you how to perform one plane golf swing step by step in this article. The steps are as follows:

  1. First, set a tee in the ground. At this point, you do not need a ball on it. Select a target on the range.
  1. Now, position yourself and tilt your back forward at the waist. Your feet should be placed wider than your shoulders. Close your position by shifting your front foot forward two inches and turn your front foot out a little. Here, your feet should not be parallel. Make sure that your hands are under your chin and your weight is distributed equally between your feet.
  1. Begin the backswing by gently turning your shoulders so the club remains on the same angle created at the beginning.
  1. Once your hands are just gone across waist-high, stop the backswing. Here, your club should be on a track set up by the angle of the shaft at the beginning. Now, you should loose your grip a little to check whether it slides swiftly or slowly from your hands or not at all.
  1. Now, swing the club slowly. The club should not slide in your hands when you stop with your hands just above your hips.
  1. Extend your swing to the top of the backswing, and hold it there. Confirm that your swing is still at the same plane. However, your hands should not go above your shoulders at the top of your back swing. At this point, your right elbow (for right-handers) should be placed against your side.
  1. Now, begin the downswing by turning your shoulders, and try to send the club along the exact same path it took in the back swing.
  1. Swing the club over the top of the tee, and make sure you are following the same plane. At the end of the swing, your hands should be on your left side (for right-handers) exactly the opposite of where they were at the top of the back swing on the right side.
  1. You must keep practicing the swing without hitting balls until you are sure that your club is on the same plane throughout the swing. Once it is confirmed, then you can start practicing swing by hitting golf balls.


You can become very good at one plane golf swing, if you follow those above steps regularly. During the practice, you must be careful not to mix the one plane backswing with a second plane on the follow-through. Otherwise, you will lose control of the golf ball.


Golf Swing Drills to Improve Your Play

Golf is a technical game and it requires many skills to be one of the top players. If you carefully watch a great player while he is playing, you will notice one important thing. It is the ability of that player to swing every club at a consistent tempo and with excellent balance. A swing can seal your fate in a golf game. So, practicing golf swing drills regularly is very important.

Here, I am going to show you how to improve your golf swings. There are some golf swing drills which can enhance your performance well. You must always remember that consistency in swings can be maintained through your balance and a smooth rhythm.

Let us begin with the drill that helps to find your natural swinging rhythm. The steps are given below.

  1. Put 5 tees in a line 4 inches apart, drawn on the ground.
  2. Now stand just inside the closest tee and start swinging a 7-iron back and through with a non-stop swing motion.
  3. Walk in forward motion and start clipping each tee out of the ground in sequence.
  4. Practice this drill at least three times.

This drill will help you to find a suitable swing pace that enables you to keep your balance but at the same time, produce club head speed.

This second drill will help you to perfect and remember your balance points. Read the steps below.

  1. First, close your eyes and sense your balance. Then perform a back swing action and stop at the top. You will feel your balance on the inside of the back foot.
  2. Now, begin your down swing by sensing weight shift to the front shoe and stop at impact. At this position, your weight should be on the front foot.
  3. Resume your swing to the finish and stop. Now you can sense your weight on the front foot, and tap your back toe.

This upcoming drill is considered as one of the very best practice drills since it makes you to practice your swing in slow motion. The steps are as follows:

  1. Place down 10 teed-up balls and perform full swing in slow motion. Remember that the balls must only travel 10 – 15 yards. Assume this speed is of 10 percent of your normal swing speed.
  2. Now, raise your body rotation speed by 10 percent for every 10 balls.
  3. You will reach your best rhythm and balance speed by the time you reach 80 percent of your normal swing speed.

You will be amazed to see the ball reaching far distance and the way you perfectly contact the ball.

TaylorMade Golf Drivers: Golfers Favorite

There is not any golf player who has not heard of TaylorMade drivers. They are very popular among both the amateur and the professional players. TaylorMade drivers are very unique in every aspect if compared to the drivers of other brands. However, they are well known for the technological innovations done in golf world.

Most of the golf players whether they are amateurs or professionals prefer TaylorMade drivers. There are many reasons for that. TaylorMade drivers come in many models, each having its own characteristics. Every TaylorMade driver model has been designed in such a way that fits to the requirements of every golfer.

The price of TaylorMade drivers is not economical. But when you play golf using these drivers, you will realize that the price is worthy. Now, I am going to explain in brief about one TaylorMade driver product to give you an idea of why TaylorMade drivers are popular. The product is TaylorMade Burner driver.

This Burner driver product is belonged to Burner driver family. At present, there are three branches in Burner driver family. They are: Burner, Tour Burner and Burner Superfast. In Burner branch, there are two products namely, Burner and Burner TP. These products have Dual Crown Technology which supports high launch and low spin in order to travel more distance.

They have high-MOI head design which is joined with Inverted Cone Technology to offer more forgiveness and more consistent distance on off-center hits. These drivers are equipped with a 49 grams shaft which is 46¼“ in length incorporated with Superfast Technology. This alone enhances excellent swing speed, faster ball speed and added distance.

The price of a TaylorMade Burner driver is comparatively cheap if compared to the other driver products of same brand. Hence, this golf driver product is recommended to amateurs and the players who cannot afford other TaylorMade golf driver products. You can visit my website if you like to get the information on other TaylorMade drivers.

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