One Plane Golf Swing: Quick Guide

The one plane golf swing is very much suitable for the people who need consistency in their swing. The theory behind one plane golf swing is that the plane of the club swings at 90 degrees to a player’s body both on the way back, and on the way down and through. Now-a-days, this type of swing is becoming popular among the golfers.

I’ll show you how to perform one plane golf swing step by step in this article. The steps are as follows:

  1. First, set a tee in the ground. At this point, you do not need a ball on it. Select a target on the range.
  1. Now, position yourself and tilt your back forward at the waist. Your feet should be placed wider than your shoulders. Close your position by shifting your front foot forward two inches and turn your front foot out a little. Here, your feet should not be parallel. Make sure that your hands are under your chin and your weight is distributed equally between your feet.
  1. Begin the backswing by gently turning your shoulders so the club remains on the same angle created at the beginning.
  1. Once your hands are just gone across waist-high, stop the backswing. Here, your club should be on a track set up by the angle of the shaft at the beginning. Now, you should loose your grip a little to check whether it slides swiftly or slowly from your hands or not at all.
  1. Now, swing the club slowly. The club should not slide in your hands when you stop with your hands just above your hips.
  1. Extend your swing to the top of the backswing, and hold it there. Confirm that your swing is still at the same plane. However, your hands should not go above your shoulders at the top of your back swing. At this point, your right elbow (for right-handers) should be placed against your side.
  1. Now, begin the downswing by turning your shoulders, and try to send the club along the exact same path it took in the back swing.
  1. Swing the club over the top of the tee, and make sure you are following the same plane. At the end of the swing, your hands should be on your left side (for right-handers) exactly the opposite of where they were at the top of the back swing on the right side.
  1. You must keep practicing the swing without hitting balls until you are sure that your club is on the same plane throughout the swing. Once it is confirmed, then you can start practicing swing by hitting golf balls.


You can become very good at one plane golf swing, if you follow those above steps regularly. During the practice, you must be careful not to mix the one plane backswing with a second plane on the follow-through. Otherwise, you will lose control of the golf ball.


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