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Golf Drivers: Tips to Choose the Right One

Golf drivers plays a very important role in either winning or losing a game. A wrong golf driver will definitely destroy every chance of winning a game. When you have the right golf driver, then you will hit the golf ball far and straight off the tee. Hence, your will have more minus score and win the game. In this article, I have tried to provide few useful tips in finding the right golf drivers for you.

You must always remember that finding the right golf driver requires patience, time and experience. Now, let us begin with the first tip.

Tip 1: Choose the golf driver with the larger size clubhead if you are a beginner or an intermediate golf player. This provides you the larger sweet spot which will minimize the number of miss-hits. In addition, the problem in maintaining a consistent swing will be resolved if you have any. The maximum allowable clubhead volume size is 460cc.

You can choose the golf driver with a smaller head of size ranging between 380-410cc, if you are an expert golf player. Here, you will be able to hit the ball almost accurately near the spots in the fairway.

Tip 2: Get the golf driver with internal or external weighting adjustment option. This will aid you in perfecting a slice or hook. You can set a draw or fade by adjusting the weight screws. You can also manage the height of your ball flight with the help of specific head shapes and weighting set-ups.

Tip 3: Choose the driver with a more flexible shaft to maximize the drive distance, if you have slow swing speeds. But if you have fast swing speeds, get a stiff shaft driver so that you can manage accuracy. A flexible shaft adds power to your drivers.

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