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Taylormade R9 Supertri

TaylorMade R9 SupertriĀ Drivers: A Review

In 2008 TaylorMade Golf Company introduced R9 series golf drivers to the golf world. These TaylorMade drivers, equipped with Movable Weight Technology (MWT) as well as Flight Control Technology (FCT), allowed the players to change face angle, loft, and lie as per their requirements. This time, TaylorMade Golf has released two new driver models which are expected to make history in the world of golf.

The two newly released golf drivers are namely, TaylorMade R9 SuperTri and R9 SuperTri TP. The main feature of these golf drivers is the combination of three important components. They are; MWT, FCT and a maximum sized 460cc club head.

The R9 SuperTri club head provides better aerodynamics than previous R9 drivers. It has contained a redesigned crown, a deeper face, and center of gravity which is slight more rearward when compared to previous golf drivers of R9 series.

Another notable feature of the R9 SuperTri driver is its Fujikura Motore 60-gram shaft. This shaft is 5 grams lesser in weight than the previous R9 drivers. Hence, it increases swing speed while supporting higher launcher angle and more forgiveness on off-center strikes. The MWT allows the golfer to make side-to-side trajectory changes up to 75 yards. On the other hand, the FCT allows the golfer to alter face angle, loft and lie.

The TaylorMade R9 SuperTri driver is available in lofts of 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 degrees. The R9 SuperTri TP has every feature that a R9 SuperTri driver has. The only difference is the golferā€™s choice of 10 premium shafts. R9 SuperTri TP is bit expensive when compared to R9 SuperTri driver.

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